Tenth post: Written summary

How I approached the tasks

My task was to conduct thorough research and develop a suitable colour scheme for a new café/small bar which meets all the client’s requirements and the constraints of the project.
I starting with research on the laneways of Melbourne and similar establishments in the area, the fit outs of the shops, the colour and lighting sources used to open up these small, dark spaces.
To attain my client’s request for a lively, fun and vibrant retro feel, specifically to the 80’s, I thoroughly researched this area and found I was very inspired by the Memphis Milano movement, which is still popular to this day.
I also researched how the impact of light and colour can influence our emotions and perception of a space. By using additive and subtractive colour mixing techniques to match sample colours that I found in my research, I produced 3 different colour schemes that would each fulfil the brief.
Then by looking at the effects different lighting sources have on these colours, along with the consideration of the fire safety signage and equipment;
I decided that my colour scheme, Hi 5 the 80’s, would be the perfect fit.
I produced a concept board that displays my final colour scheme and all the pertaining elements for the project. I also produced drawings showing how the lighting in combination with the colour scheme will be used in the space.

how I responded to feedback

I am a bit uncertain with regards to adding a jukebox to the space. As it is a public space the owner may lose control over the music selections as this contributes to the mood/atmosphere within the space.
2. I definitely agree with Michele giving the bar a more retro feel by rounding the sides, this would entirely depend if it is possible with the 3D panelling on the bar front.
3. Leaving the individual table settings at the front of the premises as is (rather than replacing one or two of the tables with a sofa type setting) keeps the entrance more spacious as opposed to a sofa which would make the entrance feel more enclosed. It also gives the owner more options to change these furniture pieces around or to add more depending on the crowd/event.
I altered my basic floor plan to include the lounge area, also showed images of furniture options for this area. This meets the brief with the inclusion of lounges. It also provides an area that is a more relaxed setting for not only the day coffee trading but night time use for a more intermit environment.

how I ensured that I met all requirements of the brief

I ensured that I met all the requirements of the brief through thorough research and experimentation.
The selection of my energizing colour scheme with an injection of black and white pattern definitely meets the clients request of wanting the place to feel lively, fun and vibrant with an 80’s retro feel.
The mirror wall surfaces will add exaggerated dimensions to the space and bounce the colour and light around. With the addition of more mirrors e.g. on the opposite wall when entering the space will add to the illusion of a larger space, whilst reflecting the only natural light source into the space.
Together with the fluorescent and LED lighting sources being used will open up the dark, separate spaces.
Having all the lighting sources on dimmer switches allows the client to adjust the lighting to his needs e.g. day/night/economical/different functions etc.
Having the task lighting on track system, the lights can be moved around if relocation of furniture etc. occurs.
To ensure the fire safety signs & equipment were visible from the colour scheme, red was not included in the chosen scheme. By installing small ‘wink’ downlights above safety signs & equipment, the safety signs will be visible at all times.
(if the signs are not yet self-illuminated)

(Australian Standard, AS 1319–1994 External or internal illumination of signs should be considered where the general lighting (either natural or artificial) does not provide for adequate visibility of signs)

Inclusions whether I was able to conceptualise cost-realistic options

As there are no structural changes to the space mainly cosmetic, labour would be where most of the budget would be spent.

I was able to source all but a few items from Australian suppliers, these were;
Pendant lights
Track lighting
Upholstered café chairs
(similar would be obtainable in Australia, and/or upholstered chairs could be custom made. source

The final colour scheme and how the colours contrast or harmonise in the environment and suggested ways to install this colour scheme to the space

Using two pairs of complementary colours will give maximum contrast and impact to the space. It is a very invigorating and dynamic colour scheme which will relay an inviting, lively, fun and vibrant atmosphere, captivating customers to enter.
I feel my colour scheme although a contrasting colour scheme works in harmony with the existing surroundings in the space. In the areas where the blue is close to the ceiling it will contrast with the raw exposed beams.
The metal elements I brought into the space will unify with the existing industrial elements i.e. concrete walls and flooring, exposed beams and visible pipework.
(The organic colours and textures found in wood, metal and concrete creates a cosier atmosphere).
The mirrors placed opposite each other will add dimension and bounce the reflected light around the space.
Blue (calming colour) being the most dominant colour used on the wall paint at the front of the café, the 3d panelling on the bar front and in the feature lighting/mirror wall.
Yellow (cheerful colour) the second colour will be also used on the wall paint at the front of the café and feature lighting/mirror wall, also used on the track lighting and the inside of the pendant lights.
The purple and orange are quite a powerful combination but will only be used in little amounts to bring together the colour scheme. These colours are used on the upholstered café chairs and would be used for other small elements e.g. crockery, mixed with black and white/pattern.
Adding the black and white in a pattern form gives that nod to the Memphis Milano style adding extra dynamic to the colour scheme.
White will also be used on wall paint for some walls in rear of the café, giving the illusion of a more wider/open space.

And of course having neon signage at the front of the establishment will initiate that retro feel.

List of potential safety or environmental hazards which may occur in the installation process and how to manage these risks


material sources:
Open Colleges learning guide study period 5 module 3



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