Ninth post: Feedback from others

Feedback from friend

Michele Armstrong

April 17, 2016 at 11:43 am Edit

Areas of Improvement:

  1. I would consider leaving some space at either end of the booth area for a working jukebox that offered 80s and earlier music selections.
  2. To give the bar a more retro feel I would suggest rounding the sides rather than using square sharper edges to give a 80s’ diner effect.
  3. I would consider replacing one or two of the individual tables with a sofa type setting for an alternative seating option which was quite popular during the 80’s.

Areas that are successful:

  1. The inclusion of the mirror collage separated by fluorescent lighting tubes is a clever way of giving the feeling of space and at the same time creating a retro feel with the use of the colours.
  2. Good selection of colours giving a retro feel yet warm and subtle without being too bold and overbearing, creating a perfect atmosphere for a café/bar.
  3. The can drum pendant lighting is a nice touch to tie together the polished concrete floor and exposed industrial pipework.

Have well I have met the brief:

The colour selection is an ideal fit for a café/bar environment. The colours are warm and subtle whilst reflecting a circa 80’s feeling. The size of the mirror collage is a very clever way to achieve the feeling of space in a decentralized premises. As the space is comprised of 3 separate rooms it is likely that the rooms could feel small and smothering when the occupancy rate is high during peak periods. The size of the mirror collage is a perfect way to eliminate this feeling. The introduction of the LED lighting tubes adds a retro dimension to a mirrored wall that could otherwise look plain and unrelated to any era. The colour scheme behind the booths is a nice contrast to the blues and yellows that are used throughout and the zigzag pattern effect is in keeping with the retro theme. The use of colours and design cleverly ties both sides of the area together yet still allows for the owner to have a great deal of flexibility when applying the finishing touches such (e.g. tableware). This includes the thought that has gone into the two painted areas on either side of the café which gives the owner a great deal of freedom to decorate with wall art. The choice of colours will allow him to dress the café/bar in warmer colours such that have already been used or add bolder colours to create further contrast and complete the retro design. The research and visual inclusion of the safety requirements enables the owner to be full informed of his requirements and options. In addition it is important to highlight that the colours of the safety signs are independent from the colour scheme of the café/bar which ensures that they remain clearly visible at all times.


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