Sixth post: Research into compliance


Research regarding fire safety signage and equipment


Fire safety signage and equipment
(white symbol and/or text on a red background)
Signs should be large enough to view without straining the eyes when communicating safety messages to employees and/or visitors.
Located where the messages are legible, attract attention and are clearly visible to all concerned, above or adjacent to fire equipment.
Signs should not be placed on moveable objects or erected hazardously.
When considering placement of several signs close together, care should be taken.
Illumination of signs should be considered where the general lighting does not provide for adequate visibility of signs.

In order to comply with AS1319, you must consider the environment, lighting and viewing distance (up to 20m in all directions of approach) – these factors will determine the size of sign required to suit your application.

Fire safety and equipment sign examples

Fire extinguishers
The AS2444 fire standard insists that each extinguisher has an ID sign placed immediately above the extinguisher, which uses similar colours and has a brief description of the types of fires it can be used on and a location sign, mounted at least 2 metres above the ground (so people are visibly aware that a fire extinguisher is located underneath).
A sign may be employed to indicate multiple extinguishers in one location even if different types are grouped together.

fire extinguisher ID sign examples

Fire blankets

located in a conspicuous/readily accessible position along normal paths of travel or near exits.

Emergency exit signs for buildings
(white symbol on a green background)
are provided to aid occupant identification of exits and paths of travel to emergency exits.
Signs are to be clearly visible and legible at all times, located on, above, or adjacent to each door providing the exit access.
Pictograms with directional arrows indicating the direction to an exit.
Signs are to be provided with emergency illumination in the event of normal power supply failure.

exit sign example

material sources for research into compliance:
source 1
   source 2   source 3


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