Forth post: Project to do list

Work flow for project


update blog

site meeting with client and contractor/s;
-ascertain what is required (the brief)
-collect any preferences the client has supplied (objects, magazine clippings etc.)
-perform a checklist on the current situation & materials catalogue list
-collect/draw floor plan
-change contact details with all parties  1-2 hours

-council requirements/regulations
-retro, 1980’s, lighting/colour in regards to dark, small interiors, Melbourne laneways, schemes which promote a lively/fun/vibrant feel
-Melbourne’s arts and fashion district
-Nearby business/other cafés and small bars in the vicinity  8 hours

post to blog

conduct research in compliance regarding fire safety signage/equipment  1 hour

post to blog

experiment with colour schemes and show the effects of different lighting sources on the colour selections
write a brief explanation for each scheme
produce a mood board  6 hours

post to blog

seek feedback from client

site meeting with client;
-check paint samples with light sources in location to be used
-seek clarification/approval/adjustment from client for colour selection

create a concept board inclusive of final colour scheme, sketches, photos/images, suppliers colour names/paint colour/product numbers  4 hours

post to blog

seek feedback and adjust accordingly

finalize and present to client for approval  30 mins-1 hour

meet with client and contractor/s to finalize financials/time frames  2 hours

prepare/present contract to client  1-2 hours

with deposit paid project begins



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