First post: Summary of the brief

Client /Owner – Nat Holmes

Location – inner city Melbourne laneway, arts and fashion district

Space – new café/small bar in a garage/storage space
Space as is;
3 separate connected rooms (for café tables/chairs/lounges)
no natural light source
one large roller door opening to the shaded laneway
rendered concrete internal walls
visible industrial pipework
exposed raw timber beams in high ceilings
polished concrete floor

Client brief;
-Would like the space to feel lively, fun and vibrant
-use a variety of light sources and colour to open up the dark, separate spaces
-looking for a colour scheme which provides a retro feel, specifically, the 80’s

My task – Conduct thorough research and develop a suitable colour scheme for the cafe which meets all of my client’s requirements.  I will also need to factor in the safety legislation; the fire safety signs and fire extinguishers located in each room of this commercial space must remain fully visible to customers at all times.

My client is keen to see evidence of my process throughout so he has requested a blog to record my creative process.  Nat would like to use some of the visual and written material for the cafes Facebook page to build public interest in the cafe prior to the launch.



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